Auto/General Liability Consulting

At ASCS, we handle all types of general liability claims, including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, construction defect, pollution liability and site-specific pollution liability.
Our liability teams include seasoned specialists, attorneys, engineers, doctors and former law enforcement professionals. Experts in handling liability claims for specific industries and programs, ASCS general liability adjusters also have exceptional skill in negotiation and client relations – qualities that are particularly important in liability claims.
Early intervention, which has been shown to be a proven tactic for reducing the overall cost of a claim, is a cornerstone of our approach, which focuses on taking every possible measure to reduce clients’ ultimate indemnity costs. Our adjusters’ extensive experience means clients have the benefit of well-honed judgment about when and whether it is more advantageous to settle, mediate or litigate claims, and when investing in experts or investigation will ultimately result in a lower indemnity payment. 
Each claim is evaluated for possible fraud and subrogation opportunities, which are referred to our investigations partner. 
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