A-Z’s of the Interview







Things to remember for your interview:

Always look them in the eye

Business suit- Dress for success

Confidence is king

Don’t talk bad about previous employers

Explain your skills and strengths

Forget about your nerves

Give honest answers

Have good posture and don’t cross your arms

Interview practice- mock interview with friends or family before-hand

Join the conversation- Be sure to answer all questions thoroughly

Know as much as you can about the company

Listen carefully to each and every member of the interview team

Memory- remember everyone’s name

No Gum, not too much perfume/cologne

Offer a smile and be sure to smile often

Positive attitude

Questions- bring a few of your own questions for the end of the interview

Remember to stay engaged

Share success stories from previous jobs

Teamwork- every company wants a team player

Upbeat attitude

Value- be sure to explain how you’d be able to add value to the team

Websites- Prepare by looking at the company’s website, FB, LinkedIn, G+, Insta and Twitter

X-tra copies of your resume and References- be sure to have plenty

Your enthusiasm will show how much you want the job

Zero in on what value you can bring to the company

How to Stand Out During Your Interview The First Day of Work